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Meet the staff
Hi there! My name is Brian Spahr and I am the Youth and Family Minister here at Holy Trinity. Recently I finished a year long tour with the music ministry group "Captive Free" (To learn more about that, visit the Youth Encounter Homepage). It was a year of challenges and growth, but now I am excited to follow God's call here to Hickory. Just a few fun facts: I am 26 years old, love sports (especially basketball and baseball) and the outdoors. I have a passion for hot foods (mmmmmmm, buffalo wings!). I have played guitar for 13 years, and I love to sing and write songs. My degree is in elementary education from Lenoir-Rhyne College (Woo hoo!), but I have no plans to teach. I have been in full-time youth ministry for four years now and I hope to be in it, in some shape or form, for the long haul. I also have a secret desire to be a rock star!(oops!) Well, I guess that's it for now. Peace.


Watch this page for updates to soon include profiles of all our volunteers and our pastors.

©1997 Brian Spahr

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